Ritual & Rise Plant Protein Reviews

Ritual & Rise NZ Plant Based Protein Powder Reviews


"After using Ritual & Rise vegan protein powder for a week, I couldn’t believe how well it sat in my stomach. No more feeling bloated or uneasy. Unreal results."



"Ritual & Rise vegan protein powder has found the perfect balance between tasting great, and serving as a real source of supplemented protein. For almost two years I’ve struggled to find a suitable supplement to help me in the gym and on the sports field. Milk-based whey and isolate proteins unfortunately gave me problems with my joints and gut, and pea protein just didn’t cut it for taste."



"I've never even thought about having a daily protein drink until I tried the Double Choc Brownie vegan protein powder! It's like drinking chocolate milk, which I love, and this satisfies my craving with all the nutritional benefits."



"I decided to try Ritual & Rise vegan protein powder as I have an allergy to whey... I was so impressed by the taste and all of the benefits Ritual & Rise plant protein provides. I love the Banoffee Pie flavour, it doesn’t taste like plant protein at all! Perfect in my morning smoothie!"



"I don't care about whats in it, I just love how good it tasted!"



"I finally found a plant based protein which does not bloat me and does not taste artificial! Such a good vegan protein powder!"



"After trying Ritual & Rise vegan protein powder it not only tastes completely amazing but it’s from NZ so I can trust where and how it was grown. It’s epic on its own and even makes a great dessert option for something after dinner."



"New Zealanders are in for an absolute treat - this nz vegan protein powder is nutritious and delicious. I have it everyday and the hardest part is deciding which flavour. I often choose to have it as a sweet treat as it dissolves easily in water. Huge fan!"