5 Health & Performance Benefits of Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp Protein Powder


Hemp has been used for medicinal, food, and textiles purposes for centuries. It is currently seeing a growing resurgence all around the world, with its versatile health and industrial benefits being embraced by people and businesses.

One recent innovation is in hemp protein powder. This is a natural alternative to many traditional protein powders with amazing health and performance benefits.


What Is Hemp Protein Powder?


The hemp plant produces seeds, we remove the shell from the seed (a process called dehulling) and what we are left with is the nutrient dense inner part of the seed, commonly known as hemp hearts. These hemp hearts are pressed for their oil, dried and crushed into a fine powder, leaving us with a natural, delicious tasting hemp protein powder. 

Hemp plants are extremely beneficial to the environment. They require very little water from our precious rivers and lakes, and can sequester up to four times the amount of carbon of a fully mature pine tree.

They are a great way to source healthy proteins as opposed to using traditional whey options that require vigorous dairy farming.


So What Are The Benefits of Hemp Protein Powder?

1. Hemp protein powder is great for weight management.


Hemp protein powder is extremely high in fiber, which means it’s a great supplement to add to your daily diet if you are looking at ways to manage your weight.

Weight loss occurs when the body uses more calories than it consumes. This is commonly known as a calorie deficit. Consuming food high in fiber such as hemp protein powder gives you that feeling of being full for longer, meaning you don’t feel the urge to snack between meals. You consume fewer calories, and are more likely to go into a calorie deficit.

Weight loss really can be that simple!

Note: it’s important when consuming foods high in fiber that you drink plenty of water. This stops fiber from blocking up your GI tract.


2. Hemp Protein Powder Contains Essential Amino Acids That Others Don’t


Essential amino acids, or EAA’s, are commonly referred to as the building blocks of protein within the body. They are essentially what the body uses to build muscle, and can only be obtained through our diet.

Hemp protein powder contains all 9 EAA’s, which is extremely rare for a plant-based supplement. The reason EAA’s are important is they benefit your immune system, mental health and physical health all at the same time.

Essential amino acids also contain many crucial organic compounds that the body needs to function, grow and flourish.

By consuming a healthy level of amino acids in your diet, you can promote:.

  • Improved exercise and performance
  • Better sleep and mood
  • Muscle gain
  • Weight loss


    3. Hemp Protein Powder Has The Perfect Ratio of Omega 3 & 6


    Omega 3 and Omega 6 are fatty acids that have huge benefits for our blood pressure, energy and bone strength. They commonly come from fish, but are actually more efficiently utilised through hemp.

    However, it’s vital the two are consumed in the right ratio to each other, as Omega 3 is anti-inflammatory, and Omega 6 is pro-inflammatory. Getting the ratio wrong can leave you vulnerable to heart disease, weight gain, diabetes and many types of cancer. 

    Where hemp protein powder is really amazing, is it provides the ideal 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. Some Western diets are as bad as 40 or even 50:1.

    Hemp protein powder is a natural regenerative source of both Omega 3 & 6, providing a wide range of health benefits while not having detrimental effects on our planet, ecosystems, and marine life.


    4. Hemp Protein Powder Is Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Vegan Friendly


    Being a natural, regenerative protein from mother nature herself, hemp protein powder raised no issues for those on vegan, gluten free or dairy free diets. 

    Even for those not on specific diets, it’s estimated up to 75% of the world’s population struggle to digest lactose, which features in high doses in many traditional whey proteins. This leaves you feeling heavy, bloated, and rushing to the toilet. The lactose content is often so high your stomach just can’t handle it all at once. However, hemp protein powder is different.

     Without all the heavy, hard to absorb contents, hemp protein powder helps you to train efficiently and feel good, even on the most vigorous of workouts.


    5. Our Hemp Protein Powder Is A Plant-to-Plate Supplement


    Knowing where your food comes from, and what has been put in it should be something very important to all of us before putting anything in our mouths. Ritual & Rise hemp protein powder can be tracked right back to the very paddock it came from. 

    The saying ‘you are what you eat’ is actually quite true. If your veggies are being heavily sprayed with pesticides, fertilizers, and other harmful sprays,  then you’ll consume those chemical products when you eat those veggies.

    The same applies to meat, eggs and dairy. What we consume is a result of what the animal has been fed, injected with, and the conditions it has lived in. 

    Our hemp plants are grown on the Canterbury plains in the South Island of New Zealand. They are 100% organic and have no nasty stuff in them whatsoever. In order for us to reach our high level of 58% protein in our protein powder, you can be assured you are consuming hemp, and only hemp.


    Happier, Healthier Life


    Hemp protein powder is a great additive to any diet no matter what your desired outcome. 

    If you're focused on weight management and still want the all-round benefits of protein shakes in your diet, look no further than hemp protein powder. 

    If you're after a fast, effective post-workout supplement, hemp protein powder has you covered. 

    Or, if you’re simply looking for a healthy, complete, and nutritious start to your day that is environmentally friendly and tastes good, , hemp protein will tick this box for you too.


    Click here to find out more about Ritual & Rise hemp protein powder, or to make your order today.

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